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IN COMMON SPORT +: Fit, Food and Fun for Elderly!

José Pedro Arieiro Gonçalves Bezerra |


The study being developed under INCOMMONSPORTS project, whose results will be released this year, and the good practices in the field that ensured a greater dissemination to other territories, led the consortium of partners to deepen the study already developed and to consolidate the project through new and necessary approaches.


Based on the globally known fact that the world's population is ageing,with implications for all sectors of society, including public health,7 organisations from 6 EU countries presents the current project with the overall objective of increasing participation in sport and promoting healthy lifestyles among older people at grassroots level,especially in rural areas.

The main challenge is to strengthen and consolidate the factual basis of physical activity programmes for the elderly by adding 3 new areas:to study the impact and to create new adapted sports and traditional games for sports competitions/events and to gather new knowledge about people's attitudes and habits towards health, particularly those related to physical activity and unhealthy diets.

João Miguel Vieira Camões
Coordenador Institucional
José Pedro Arieiro Gonçalves Bezerra
Bruno André Ferreira da Silva
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During 3 years, 6 Intellectual Outputs, 25 months of physical exercise sessions and 18 Sports competitions/events for about 500 elderly will be developed in the 6 countries where grassroots play an essential role and the healthy older adults are the Key actors and coproducers of the outputs.


In a glimpse,we will deliver a fully integrated turnkey programme "Olympics4all", ready to use, bringing new knowledge, to motivate healthy older adults to stay in sport and induce local,regional and national authorities to implement this project in a standardized way.